This is our Magic Mirror Booth.

The incredible Magic Mirror is the newest must have open air photo booth. Its the perfect way to keep your guests entertained whilst creating lasting memories.
BRAND NEW for 2019.

Magic Mirror Booth
Having Fun

Seflie Time

Our amazing Magic Mirror photo booth is completely new and fully interactive. The fully animated Selfie Mirror not only takes full length photos and prints them out instantly, but also gives you a fun & impressive response with every pose. After each camera shot the photo booth responds by speaking to you and displaying exciting animations and images on screen. Once you’ve posed for your pictures, the Mirror allows your guests to directly write a message or place an emoji onto the screen that will print straight onto your photos. 

Magic Mirror Features

Touch screen technology
Text photo directly to your phone
Fully interactive
Exciting animations
Neon images
Sign your picture emojis
Flash lighting
Plus lots more…

One or More Prints

Depending on the options that are chosen, either one or more prints can be made at any one sitting. Even if only single print has been chosen your guests can see and download from Facebook. (It may take us a day or two to upload your photos).

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